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About Us


At TIARA PETS, we offer our customers premium quality teacup/micro size pet dogs, welcomed from well-established and experienced breeders in Japan, meticulously selected from genetically tested parents, diligently nurtured, and raised healthily to the delight of our customers.

Our pets presented to customers are very cute, bright & happy, compact/proportional in body size and weight, and with their character/personality congenial.

In nurturing our puppies, our experienced and dedicated staff treat them with abundant affection and allow them to play and socialize with each other regularly in a clean, quiet, and conducive environment.

Thus they develop bright and calm personalities, behave obediently, and do not bark unnecessarily.


Having been established in the Year 2007, our long list of existing customers keeps in touch with us regularly, updating us on the growth of their pets, and telling us that our pets are very lovable, active, sociable & healthy and that they enjoy every moment they have with their pets. Our delighted customers, besides introducing their relatives and friends to welcome puppies from us, return to us for their second, third, and fourth doggies and more. 

Our History




Started online sales of high-quality pet supplies.

Visiting pet boutiques and exhibitions in the US and Europe to develop attractive products and brands.

There are many products that are rare in Japan, and wholesale sales to domestic shops have started.



Started selling puppies.

We feel doubt that people can't meet a puppy who can be satisfied with its appearance and health condition. We started selling with the motto of providing puppies that are particular about facial features, body composition, size, health conditions, etc.

We mainly sell Toy poodles, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Pomeranians, and Yorkshire terriers with cute faces and high-quality teacup sizes.



Started selling TIARA PETS original clothes and collaboration products with popular brands.



Opened a store in Kimi-no-Mori, Chiba Prefecture, where the company's head office is located, with an online shop, merchandise sales, a trimming salon, and a pet hotel.



Opening stores on Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, and Amazon.



Relocation of customer service and distribution centers due to the expansion of the online shop business.


November 1, 2022

A pet boutique will be opened in Singapore where the representative lives.

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